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    The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) in Ireland – offering foundational, diploma level and post graduate training in Systematic Kinesiology since 2000.

    Welcome to The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) in Ireland and KinesiologyZone.com – the Integrated Natural Healthcare Solution.

    My name is Siobhan Guthrie and I am the principal of KinesiologyZone, teaching the principles of health through Systematic Kinesiology since 2000.

    Our goal is to help you to pursue a career in healthcare, using a natural approach. Our approach works with the whole person (mental, chemical, physical and energy (MCPE)), seeking to identify and balance the root cause rather than focussing on the alleviation of symptoms.

    We teach foundational level and advanced training in Systematic Kinesiology. There are two main training courses, as well as post graduate workshops, and introductory taster events.  We offer a choice of venues for Balanced Health and taster events around the country, and our main centre for the diploma and occasional post graduate workshops is at the CityNorth Hotel, just north of Dublin airport.  Click on the links below for more details.

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    We offer quality training courses in Systematic Kinesiology and our community of graduates do amazing work helping people all around the country and abroad.  When you experience the power of Systematic Kinesiology, you’ll see the potential of what’s possible.

    Muscle testing helps you get clarity about where to start from a whole person perspective.  Whether you want to reduce stress, reduce bloating and fatigue, lose weight and keep it off, understand food sensitivities, heal your gut, improve energy and sleep better, there’s so much that’s possible when you take a course in Balanced Health.  It’s so rewarding when you can help more people make sustainable lifestyle changes too.

    What is Kinesiology?

    The word kinesiology (pronounced kin-easy-ology) comes from the Greek word kineses meaning “movement”.  Systematic Kinesiology is both an approach to health and a system of treating the body holistically.  We use several procedures of muscle testing to identify imbalances.  These imbalances may be nutritional, structural, emotional, or in our energy pathways. Therefore, the assessment may focus on more than one realm and more than likely treatment will be a combination of all.

    Interestingly, Systematic Kinesiology looks at health from a whole person perspective. By using muscle testing, the body’s biofeedback tool, the practitioner can identify what is stressing the body. The skilled practitioner then can interpret what corrections the body needs to bring it back into balance, as well as the order of treatment.

    The origins of Kinesiology

    Dr George Goodheart was the first to put the body of Kinesiology into a recognised therapy in the late 1960s, which he called “Applied Kinesiology.”  Most muscle testing is based on the work of Kendall and Kendall (1930s). Reflexes to improve lymphatic and blood flow were discovered by Drs Chapman and Bennett.  Additionally, discovering how the body is connected through the meridian system was major step forward in the development of AK.

    The International College of Applied Kinesiology describes AK as “Applied Kinesiology is a safe and non-invasive diagnostic system using muscle testing as a tool for evaluating neurological function. The methodology focuses primarily on neuromuscular function as it relates to the structural, chemical and neurological regulatory mechanisms. Muscle testing assesses the impact of the nervous system on patient health, helping AK practitioners look for the source of disease in the balance of the sensory system with the motor system.”

    Kinesiology in Ireland

    Kinesiology was first introduced to Europe through the pioneering work of Brian Butler, in the form of Touch for Health.  In 1982, he set up The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in the United Kingdom. In 1995 he came to Ireland to teach a group here.  Siobhan  Guthrie was in that first Kinesiology Course (run at the time by Siobhan Barnes), and she went on to set up The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) in Ireland in 2000.  Kinesiology in Ireland has grown from strength to strength.  Graduate practitioners give people the opportunity to experience sessions. We then have 12 KinesiologyZone Centres around Ireland where the foundational Kinesiology Courses run twice a year (Balanced Health). So this is idea if you want to learn the health promoting techniques for yourself.

    Although Brian Butler has retired, he maintains his connection with TASK Ireland and gives a presentation to our Diploma students each year.

    Kinesiology Books

    There are a few Kinesiology books available on Amazon.  All the books on our foundational Kinesiology courses are included.  Firstly, we use the Balanced Health Manual Vol 1; an excellent resource for our foundation course.  In addition, on Diploma you will received Vol 1 part 2.

    However, a great option to get started is the “Introduction to Systematic Kinesiology”.  Also written by Brian Butler it is an excellent overview of what Kinesiology can help with, and can be purchased by contacting the office.  While books are priced at €7 plus p&p, when you attend one of our Taster Events, the Introduction book in included.



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