Top 10 Lifestyle Mistakes Sabotaging Your Health

and the 5 really simple ways to take back control

    We believe everyone should have access to an integrated natural healthcare solution, that‘s easy to use, tailored to each individual’s needs and empowers them to significantly enhance the quality of their lives.

    Welcome to The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) in Ireland and – the Integrated Natural Healthcare Solution.

    My name is Siobhan Guthrie and I am the principal of KinesiologyZone, teaching the principles of health through Systematic Kinesiology since 2000.

    Our goal is to help you to pursue a career in healthcare, using a natural approach. Our approach works with the whole person (mental, chemical, physical and energy (MCPE)), seeking to identify and balance the root cause rather than focussing on the alleviation of symptoms.

    We teach foundational level and advanced training in Systematic Kinesiology. There are two main training courses, as well as post graduate workshops, and introductory taster events.  We offer a choice of venues for Balanced Health and taster events around the country, and our main centre for diploma and post grad workshops is at the CityNorth Hotel, just north of Dublin airport.

    Balanced Health    Diploma Course    Taster Events

    Learning about health, experiencing the power of Systematic Kinesiology for yourself, will mean you will be able to help more people make sustainable lifestyle changes.



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