Do you love the holistic approach?

What in your holistic toolbox?

I do! I couldn’t work without approaching life and health through my holistic filter.


It gets better results for my clients.

The holistic approach to a health challenge or illness offers not just a second opinion, it opens up treatment options. Its varied approach considers why or what may be the cause(s).

When a client comes in to my clinic for the first time, maybe with back pain, it would be easy to suggest that it’s purely a structural problem. When you look from a “where it is, it is” approach that is.

But the beauty of the holistic approach is that we can go deeper than what’s presenting at face value.

The body is amazing, it’s always adapting to the environment it is in.  So if you have symptoms you don’t “enjoy”, then it’s good to wonder why is the body doing that, than simply trying to get rid of them.

holistic approach - look at what you're eating every day

What that means is we should also consider these:

The food and drinks my client consumes, where they lives emotionally every day, and as the body is energetic, what they’re doing to move that energy (or not), this helps greatly to assist the client out of pain. From a holistic approach what matters is what we do every day.

There’s also a synergistic benefit – when we use different factors they work together to have a larger beneficial effect.  So while in the case above the client’s back pain may well have a structural component, if we pay attention to all the other factors as well your client will love you because you’ve not only gotten rid fo the pain maybe faster, it’s also going to last longer, or forever!

I help holistic-loving people ready to help others who want to make a
better life for themselves and become a valued and respected health practitioner.

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Friends are often asking me: What should I take for x or y condition?  But that’s a very medical approach. And when the body is in a crisis that’s the best care you can have.  Don’t get me wrong doctors save lives.  But it’s crisis care, not about getting you healthy.  If you’re looking for the one thing that is going to fix you, then the holistic approach is not for you.  But if you are more interested in understanding the interplay, the dance, the amazing way the body works, that everything we do is involved, then you’ll love Systematic Kinesiology.

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Three Most Important Things to better decisions

Decisions – it’s not always easy to follow your dreams …..

When you’re aligned with what your soul wants, magic happens.

But it’s not always easy to make a decision to take that first step.  It’s often the hardest, because at the start we want a guarantee that a) it’s the right step and b) it’s going to work.

You have an idea about how you want your life to be – happy, fulfilled, lots of energy, vitality, fit and healthy.  So why does so many struggle to achieve what they want? I’m sure you’ve a long list of goals, to dos, etc.  Full of “I wish I ….”, or “I know I shoulds …” , all basically saying I want my life to be different. Think about it.  How many items do you currently have on your “to do” list that are goals for a better life?  I should lose weight, I should give up sugar, I should get a new job, I should go to bed earlier, I should clear that clutter.  We “should” all the time and when nothing changes, we can end up being very disappointed, pessimistic and down on ourselves.   And how many of those should do’s have been on that list longer than a week, a month, a year? I can’t be the only one, right?

When you think about it, I should doesn’t reasonate a lot of power or energy does it?  It’s more a belief of how things should be.  There are plenty of things I’m sure that you’d love to do, but tell yourself a story … “but I don’t have time”.  I’m here to encourage you to remember, you are not powerless to change your circumstances.

Decisions - it's not always easy to follow your dreams .....There are “more important” things that get the attention. So let’s look at that.  What are your musts that you have to have in place to make life tolerable? Petrol in the car, food in your fridge, get to work. These are all musts.  Somehow we find the time or the right strategies to ensure they happen – for example, food in the fridge (you either spend an hour in the shops [time], or you go on line and order delivery [strategy]).  Life can feel overwhelming, stressful and pretty much like there’s no time for you.  So even focussing on what is a must in your life is a good exercise; because it’s practice for the bigger things.

It’s not like any special skill is needed to look after our daily needs.  So transfer that feeling of “oh its really quite easy to do” onto some of the other things you’ve been putting off.

It might be quite nice and refreshing to be at least open to the idea that it’s not that difficult after all.

So to change a should to a must, we first have to understand where different decisions are made.  Intellectually we know we need to change. But that’s not where change happens.  First getting in touch with the feeling that things must change – much deeper, in your gut, that’s where decisions are made.  We need to go to where our emotions are, in the body.  So the shoulds are in the head, the musts are in the gut.  We may think we make decisions intellectually, and indeed there is some truth to that, it’s just not the first place.  First the decision is made in the gut.  Only when we shift from, oh yes that would be nice, to a place where no matter what, I must do this, that’s when life alligns can make it happen.  The second decision is backed up by the head agreeing.

We have a choice now to decide to change your shoulds to true decisions of musts to really get what we want.

One trick I learned last year and implemented straight away was to write down the “three most important things” I must get done today.  I remember to focus on solely those three things.  That’s a lot less overwhelming.  And when I get them done, there’s no shortage of other things to do.

So write a list of your three top musts. Say them out loud too so they resonate more. Say them with passion, with energy, with hunger!

I must …

I must …

I must …


Are you going to change your life today by changing your shoulds to musts.

Once you’ve started, it’s the most exciting, rewarding and enlivening journey ever.

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