About Systematic Kinesiology and TASK Ireland

Hello and welcome to The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) in Ireland.

My name is Siobhan Guthrie and I am the principal of The Academy.  Set up in 2000, the adminstration office is in Westport, Co Mayo.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping people who seek a better life for themselves by first improving their health and then are inspired to help others, such as family, friends and their community.

Our purpose is to provide excellent training to our students to help and encourage them in their own health journey as well as their passion to spread hope to others through their professional practice so that Kinesiology can be experienced by many more.

How it all began

I first experienced Kinesiology in 1995 when I visited a practitioner because I was exhausted.  I’d been away back from a year of “travelling” throughout SE Asia, Australia, and had spent the last part of the trip in the USA.  By the time I’d been home about 4 months I wasn’t getting my energy back. At the session, the practitioner recommended I gave up my addiction to Diet Coke!  Along with whatever she did, I felt amazing.

Having already had an interest in holistic therapies (I had studied Reflexology back in 1993), I decided to check out the training in Kinesiology.  That’s how I discovered Systematic Kinesiology and the initial programme “Balanced Health”.  Siobhan Barnes was my instructor who taught a very small group of us, which was launched in 1995 with a 4 day overview by Brian H Butler in Ballsbridge, Co Dublin.

Brian H Butler

Brian Butler then continued to teach our fledging group the material on Diploma Course (after Siobhan Barnes passed away), and for that I will always remain truly grateful to Brian for believing in us all.

The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) in Ireland was then set up in 2000 as demand for courses and workshops increased.

Courses are run in various locations in Ireland, part time and usually at weekends. TASK has taught hundreds of lay people in the art of muscle testing and many have gone on to train as full professional practitioners by graduating from the Diploma Course in Advanced Systematic Kinesiology.

We have a team of course leaders in different parts of the country teaching the live weekends of “Balanced Health”.

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Our Team of Course Leaders

Siobhan Guthrie, Principal of The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology, which was established in 2000.
Course Leader in Dublin.
Caroline McGrath, Course Leader in Sligo.
Sheila O'Hanlon, Course Leader in Charleville, Co Cork. Lorraine Elliot, Course Leader in Waterford.
Margaret Fitzgibbon, Course Leader around Ireland for CPD courses to physiotherapists.Mella Britton, Course Leader in Donegal.
Liam Daly, Course Leader in Cork CityAngela Corley, Course Leader in Mayo.
Rita Meehan, Course Leader in Galway.Gillian Kavanagh, Course Leader in Co Meath.
Niamh Roche, Course Leader in Enniscorthy.Clare Doherty, Course Leader in Derry, NI.
frame-stephStephanie Mills, co-presenter at the T.A.C.T. Workshop on the Diploma Course, you'll also meet her online during Balanced Health.Rosaleen Storey, Course Leader in Gorey.
frame-gek-beeGek Bee Prout, our presenter on the Diploma Course for the Cranials Workshop and occasional post graduate workshops.frame-bettinaBettina Steed, Course Co-ordinator and trainer, in Perth Australia.

An introduction by Dr Sheldon Deal, DC

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