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 See below for more details about the two day workshop AND the Friday evening bonus session.


Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd February 2014

At the ASK members day in 2012, Brian Miller a Systematic Kinesiology instructor who worked with Brian Butler for many years, was invited to speak. How he explained Systematic Kinesiology was clear, informative and exciting, and we’re delighted at TASK that schedules have finally allowed to have Brian Miller visit us again to share more!

Over the two day workshop, you will gain insights and a deeper understanding of Kinesiology and the clients who seek our help. You will walk away having pulled together a lot of your knowledge in a new way. What’s on the schedule are the techniques that he outlined at Members Day.

Advanced TMJ work – bringing new understandings, tests and connections that the TMJ with other muscles, as well as the role of valves in digestion. How to test and balance so that they work properly.

Endocrine System. New ways to test and balance giving you a deeper understanding between the glandular organisation and relationship within the system itself.

Cardiac Back – The Cardiac Back Syndrome [condition] is probably one of the most important concepts related to health that you will ever learn. It is either responsible for or is involved in most of the chronic back conditions that most doctors see, particularly and not only in men over forty. It is an indicator of an early breakdown of the body’s ability to cope with prolonged stressful conditions and can be found in anyone at any age including infants.

Scattered thoughout the two days will be nuggets of connections, explanations and clarity. Brian loves to share Kinesiology and is passionate about it!

A little bit about Brian Miller

For those of you who haven’t met Brian before.

Brian Miller is based in Scotland and has been a practitioner for over 24 years. Previously a multi-discipline engineer and experienced martial artist Brian began his career in complementary health in 1989 and received his Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology, Nutrition and Counselling.

Previously a Faculty Member of The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology with Brian Butler, he also was a Council Member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology UK. Advisor to the Kinesiology National Occupational Standards Authority England and is the Founder of Body Management and Functional Kinesiology. He created The Whole Heath Centre in London, a multi-disciplinary successful natural healthcare clinic addressing health problems of a physical and nutritional nature.

In 1995 he introduced Systematic Applied Kinesiology to Italy, training a cross section of professionals from PT to Physiotherapists to Doctors and Lay People. In 1999 Brian moved to Scotland and was involved in running and developing a busy residential health retreat in Scotland, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. The retreat has been dedicated to personal growth and development in a safe and beautiful space.

The principles applied that form the base of the different retreats available are holistic and incorporate the philosophy of Applied Kinesiology: emotional and spiritual balance an optimally nourished body, movement and bodywork. Over the last 14 years Brian has also studied in NLP and Hypnotherapy with The American Board of Hypnotherapy and trained with the European Institute of Fitness and is a Registered Advanced fitness instructor and Personal trainer.

He is on the teaching board of the School of Colonic Hydrotherapy (lecturing on client handling and practice communication) and is an executive member of the Institute of Professional Colon Hydrotherapy. Since moving to Scotland, Brian has never stopped involving himself and deeply caring for the many students and participants that have come to Scotland to learn, cleanse, rest and engage in self -growth and understanding.

Bonus Evening Session – Friday 31st January

“How to Talk about Kinesiology to the Public that will fill your practice”

Brian has been filling his workshops and clinic by giving talks and demonstrations for many years. He’s is going to share how he does it in our Bonus Session which is free to attendees of the 2 day workshop. This invaluable presentation will help you build your practice and make 2014 a very successful year for you. This will take place on the Friday evening at the City North Hotel from 7.30pm to about 9pm.

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