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    Kinesiology Balanced Health Course – Booking Form

    The Course “Balanced Health” in Systematic Kinesiology takes place over three months.  The programme starts and ends with a live weekend and there is an online course (access to the Kinesiology Video Library) in between over 8 weeks.   This combination has resulted in our students being super confident in learning new skills.  Muscle testing is taught on the first weekend, you can review these lessons as often as you like as all the material covered is available online.  Each week you will continue to expand your knowledge and practical skills while helping family and friends. On the second weekend, get a glimpse of the huge potential of Systematic Kinesiology as the foundational principles come together.

    Quick reminder of what you’ll be able to do:

    • Learn Kinesiology and how to easily handle stress, all day and every day, GENTLY and EFFECTIVELY
    • Promote good health and make life EASIER with practical holistic approaches
    • By the end of the first weekend you’ll know how to test your family and friends for food sensitivities – help them with their health IMMEDIATELY
    • Find out what your body REALLY WANTS for optimum health
    • Resolve your own FEARS AND PHOBIAS quickly and forever with this quick and simple key
    • Muscle Testing facilitates TRUE PREVENTION as you identify imbalances before they become problems.
    • Help your Brain Work better – resolve learning difficulties IN CLASS!
    • Learn how to lose weight without “dieting”.
    • Transform your life with simple yet powerful changes to FEEL AMAZING, empowered and fulfilled.

    After looking into a number of forms of kinesiology, I decided Systematic Kinesiology was the path for me. I especially like that it not only focuses on Nutrition, Emotion and Energetic balancing, but that it encompasses structural fixes, which was the root of my own imbalance in my body.

    Book Your Place on the Course Venue You Wish to Join. Registration Now Open

    Dates and Venues for Spring 2018

    There are many venues around the country where the Balanced Health live training weekends are available.  Note the dates for the venue of your choice for both the first and last weekends.  Below is the list of each venue’s live workshop dates with your local Course Leader. The course starts as soon as you book your place, with immediate access to some online preparatory material.  Please note the venue you wish to attend:

    Who are your Course Leaders

    • Your local Course Leader will guide you in all aspects of muscle testing.
    • They are fully qualified, experienced practitioners and have a passion for teaching and sharing Systematic Kinesiology
    • Each will share their love of health and Systematic Kinesiology, and support you all via the online group.
    • Siobhan Guthrie, the principal of TASK Ireland, teaches you through the online Kinesiology Video Library, and in the course being run in Dun Laoghaire.
    • Stephanie Mills, who worked and taught beside Brian Butler for many years, will be teaching you through the online Kinesiology Video Library.
    • Everyone is dedicated to sharing Systematic Kinesiology with others and help you get the most from the course.
    • They are passionate about health and helping others and
    • You’ll be amazed at how easy, stress-free and enjoyable the course is.

    How to book your Live Weekend venue

    To book a specific course venue, simply select the appropriate “Add to cart” button below.  You will then be registered for that venue’s classes.  This will automatically register you for both weekends at that venue.  Should you need to change venue prior to the second weekend, a transfer fee of €100 may be payable.  If you already know the second date doesn’t suit, please call the office first on 098 26579.

    See you in class!

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    Here’s what recent attendees said about this programme:

    “Totally amazing therapy and easy to use!”

    “It’s an excellent course for the health conscious or have family who are always running to the doctor”.

    “It’s a wonderful learning opportunity in a very warm and safe environment. It’s a fantastic change to a better life forever”.

    “You will definitely get in tune with your own body and be able to give valuable help to friends and family”.

    “The course has been life changing – I have helped a close friend with eating and sleeping habits”.