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Kinesiology Balanced Health Course – Booking Form

The Course “Balanced Health” in Systematic Kinesiology

Thank you for your interest in our foundational training programme.  The current course is currently in progress, but will begin again in February 2020.  If you’d like to join the waiting list, this is the best way to keep in touch, and receive notification when the course opens for enrollment in November.

In the meantime, have a read through all the information below.

How long is the training in Systematic Kinesiology?

Our foundational training course takes place over three months. The programme starts and ends with a training weekend, so that you get to learn the important communication tool of muscle testing.  Between the two live weekends, there is an online course (access to the Kinesiology Video Library) over 8 weeks. This combination allows students to do the training at a time that suits them, and has resulted in our students being super confident in learning new skills.

I love all the techniques and learning!  Life changing and met wonderful people too.  Eloise, Balanced Health Course Autumn 2018

Learning how to Muscle Test

Muscle testing is taught on the first weekend, as this is the basis for all types of Kinesiology.  You learn 25 different muscles during the course, with the first 7 or 8 in class.  Everything you learn can be reviewed as often as you like as all the material covered is available online.

At the first weekend you’ll receive your copy of the Balanced Health Manual. This book contains a wealth of information and is laid out simply and clearly. All the theory, techniques and detailed notes about our whole person approach is in the first section of the book, and the 25 muscles that you’ll use throughout the course are contained together in the second section of the book.  You’ll also receive your sample food test kit – to help you get started with our Food Sensitivity Testing; as well as handouts, and a pillow speaker for the “music for stress reduction” technique later in the course.

On the second weekend, as well as learning even more ways to help yourself and others, you also get a glimpse of the huge potential of Systematic Kinesiology as all the foundational principles come together.

Learning Kinesiology Online

Technology means that we can offer you many ways to help you learn.  After the first class/weekend you continue your training with the online section.  With access to the Kinesiology Video Library, each week you will receive an email directing you to the course material.  You will continue to expand your knowledge and practical skills while helping family and friends, over the eight weeks of the online section of the course.   Monthly meetups on line (Q&A), membership of our exclusive Facebook group, means you can get support daily.

From a personal, family and professional point of view this has been a fantastic learning experience. Regina, Balanced Health Course Autumn 2018

Who are your KinesiologyZone Course Leaders?

  • Your local Course Leader will guide you in all aspects of muscle testing and break down the information into easy to understand language.
  • They are fully qualified, experienced practitioners and have a passion for teaching and sharing Systematic Kinesiology.
  • They will help you get the most from the course as you progress, and answer your questions.
  • Siobhan Guthrie, the principal of TASK Ireland, teaches you through the online Kinesiology Video Library, and in the course being run in Dublin.
  • Stephanie Mills, who worked and taught beside Brian Butler for many years, will be teaching you through the online Kinesiology Video Library.
  • The aim is to make your learning an enjoyable and stress free experience, in fun classes with like-minded people.

“It’s a wonderful learning opportunity in a very warm and safe environment. It’s a fantastic change to a better life forever”.

What’s included:

Here’s what you get: All course materials | Monthly Q&A Calls | Exclusive Facebook group | Kinesiology Video Library | All past masterclasses on selected topics | Lifetime Access

Balanced Health is a complete course taking place over three months. What’s possible is health transformation and the start of a career helping others. What you’ll learn over the two live weekends and the 8 week online course are dozens of techniques to positively impact your life.

Here’s a break-down of the full contents of the Balanced Health Course.  It includes everything you need and there are no hidden extras.

  • Two live weekends of training; value:        €650
  • Access to the Online Video Library and accompanying 8 week online course with workbook; value:                      €400
  • Facebook group for daily support; value:  €197
  • Three focus calls with Q&A; value:               €75
  • Past masterclasses; value:                            €125
  • Balanced Health Manual, all handouts, prompt sheets,
    and sample food kit. Breast Care Manual by Brian Butler; value: €150

TOTAL VALUE is €1597

Your investment in Balanced Health is €1197.  But with our Early Bird rate, pay just €997.

After looking into a number of forms of kinesiology, I decided Systematic Kinesiology was the path for me. I especially like that it not only focuses on Nutrition, Emotion and Energetic balancing, but that it encompasses structural fixes, which was the root of my own imbalance in my body.

I have been absolutely amazed at the amount of information imparted to me. I am struck at the practicality of the whole concept. The fact that you can use this non-invasive therapy to help people with a host of emotional stresses, nutrition and learning difficulties, minor injuries and many other issues that they meet in daily life is an honour.

I have have used it on myself and am amazed. I now have a very powerful yet simple tool to correct or prevent many of the imbalances which the body may encounter from day to day.

The full course content can be found on this page – www.kinesiologyzone.com/learn

Learn Systematic Kinesiology in Spring 2020

There are many venues around the country where you can learn Systematic Kinesiology. The Balanced Health live training weekends are available in up to seven different locations.

Here’s what recent attendees said about the Balanced Health programme:

“Totally amazing therapy and easy to use!”

“It’s an excellent course for the health conscious or have family who are always running to the doctor”.

“You will definitely get in tune with your own body and be able to give valuable help to friends and family”.

“The course has been life changing – I have helped a close friend with eating and sleeping habits”.

Quick reminder of what you’ll be able to do:

  • Learn Kinesiology and how to easily handle stress, all day and every day, GENTLY and EFFECTIVELY
  • Promote good health and make life EASIER with practical holistic approaches
  • By the end of the first weekend you’ll know how to test your family and friends for food sensitivities – help them with their health IMMEDIATELY
  • Find out what your body REALLY WANTS for optimum health
  • Resolve your own FEARS AND PHOBIAS quickly and forever with this quick and simple key
  • Muscle Testing facilitates TRUE PREVENTION as you identify imbalances before they become problems.
  • Help your Brain Work better – resolve learning difficulties IN CLASS!
  • Learn how to lose weight without “dieting”.
  • Transform your life with simple yet powerful changes to FEEL AMAZING, empowered and fulfilled.

After looking into a number of forms of kinesiology, I decided Systematic Kinesiology was the path for me. I especially like that it not only focuses on Nutrition, Emotion and Energetic balancing, but that it encompasses structural fixes, which was the root of my own imbalance in my body.