Free talks about Systematic Kinesiology


Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 12.30pm

In our Christmas Health show we be offering tips on how to survive (and even Relax) over the Christmas season using practical and easy tips, while still not being seen as the killjoy by those around you.

Healthy living during December can be a way to enjoy a higher quality of life during an often unhealthy time.

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Free talks about Systematic Kinesiology


Want to learn more about Systematic Kinesiology – come along to a FREE talk

Systematic Kinesiology is a fully integrated healthcare solution and is one of the fastest growing fields in natural holistic health.  If you are keen to help others with their health, curious about what our courses have to offer, then we’d love to invite you to explore Systematic Kinesiology at one of our many talks around the country.  They take place in various locations, for approximately two hours.

Our free talks about Kinesiology are an introduction to this holistic therapy and are led by a KinesiologyZone Course Leader. Both fun and informative, you’ll walk away understanding a little more about the amazing power that your body has, some tools to help you reduce stress, and lots of tips and ideas that if you’re open to them, could change your life.  We know this because so many of us first came along to a talk or taster event, improved our health, stepped into a career we love, and now are the ones giving talks!

This is for you if:

  • You have an interest in natural health;
  • Want to feel empowered, energised and healthy;
  • you’re curious about how Systematic Kinesiology could be a new career for you.
  • Get frustrated and confused by all the conflicting advice about health;
  • Love helping others feel better
  • And love to learn new things!

Find out about our #HealthRoadShow for a week-long event of Free Talks, Demo treatments, and preventative health!

Other Free Talks:

Dates to be confirmed


“This course is invaluable and without a doubt the best course I have done to date. I have experienced several health benefits from the treatments I have received and from using techniques on myself. A brilliant course, well worth the investment.
An invaluable course for anybody with an interest in natural health.”

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