Good verus Bad – Why we all need Fat in our diet


We know that diet plays a big role in the health of the body, but an essential nutrient that has been demonised for the past 50 years or so is fat.Low-fat foods have been recommended to be healthy, yet long term chronic health issues are on the rise which are much nastier than the acute health issues from the past.

By eliminating fat from the diet and replacing it with sugar and artificial sweeteners has not made us healthier; yet society in general relies on sugar and carbohydrates for energy and continue to struggle without essential nutrients.

If you’re interested in learning more about the role of fat and want to help your clients get healthy, lose weight and improve their lives, then this two day workshop is a must. With obesity and weight related illness rising year on year worldwide, Alison Astill-Smith will delve into this significant subject.You’ll gain an understanding of the biology of body fat and fat loss during this two day workshop. Understand ketosis, the nutrients that support fat loss and how to help clients lose weight. Carrying too much fat is more often a problem with hormones not will power and Alison will teach a protocol to bring a client back to normal fat function and metabolism.

You’ll also learn the harmful effect of excessive fructose on the body, how this switches the client into fat gain, and how to reverse this. This will not only impact your clients weight issues, but you’ll be able to help those worried about alzheimers, dementia and early cognitive decline, as fat plays an important role here too.

If you’ve ever been confused about fat, known instinctively that not all fats are as bad as we’re lead to believe, and want to educate your clients, join us on this exciting workshop on 4-5 November at CityNorth hotel.

This is open to all who have muscle testing skills.

If you’d like to attend then please secure your place with a €49 deposit.

For all the details and what topics will be covered, read more on the website:

You will have time to workshop so that you can start helping clients the very next day.


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