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Taster Events

A KinesiologyZone Taster event

Systematic Kinesiology is a fully integrated healthcare solution and is one of the fastest growing fields in natural holistic health.  It is a specific method of analysing your body to identify the underlying causes of functional health problems. When a muscle is found to test weak, then we look at what will restore normal function to these muscles and their related organs.

A Kinesiology Taster Event is a wonderful opportunity for you to see some live demonstrations, get to experience being tested and “balanced” all under the expert guidance of a KinesiologyZone Course Leader. Guaranteed to be fun and informative, you’ll at the very least see something new, and for many turns out to be the first step in changing their health and even their career.  Check out all the various locations where you will find a Kinesiology Taster Event around the country. Each event runs for about an hour and a half, and costs €25.

This is for you if:

  • you have an interest in health and enjoy helping others
  • you want to feel more in control of your own health and learn simple lifestyle changes that make a huge difference
  • you get frustrated or confused by all the conflicting advice about health and really find out what works for you
  • you’d like to experience muscle testing and balancing first hand (and be amazed at how you feel!)
  • you’re curious about how Systematic Kinesiology could be a new career for you, and finally be doing something you love every day
  • want to feel empowered, energised and healthy!

What you’ll learn

  • Our powerful and simple way to reduce emotional stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Tools and techniques to take control of your own health and well-being.
  • How to muscle test and balance the body’s systems with the special reflexes so you feel more energised and more “balanced”
  • Enjoy an informative and fun evening with like-minded people
  • Get a glimpse of how the Balanced Health course could be the start your journey to becoming a fully qualified Kinesiologist
  • Already a practitioner? Add Kinesiology to your current modality, so many of our students already have.

The fee to attend a taster is €25.  And if you decide to continue onto further training, you can secure your place on our foundational training “Balanced Health” at the taster event, and the €25 fee is refunded.

Kinesiology Taster Event: Venues

Dates to be announced.