What you learn on the Balanced Health Course

Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapy.  Not only does it use an holistic approach, it has the ability to be tailored to each individual person you are working with.  Systematic Kinesiology is both an approach to health and a system of treating the body.  Whether you wish to learn more about how the body works, feel empowered when it comes to your health, understand how to reduce stress, test for food sensitivities, and so much more, this is the place to be!

Here’s a summary, of what you can look forward to on the Balanced Health Course in Systematic Kinesiology:


This is where you can really benefit from our innovative approach.  You have access to each “module” of content for “levels II and III”.  But it’s more than that.  You get access to ALL the Balanced Health Course content (over 60+ videos) which means you can learn in your own way.  Want to press pause? Rewind and listen again.  This is the most flexible way of learning and means you can watch over and over till you perfect a muscle test, a technique or want to listen to the deeper principles of Systematic Kinesiology.  And of course, you’ve never left the comfort of your own home, so time-saving too.  It truly means you can learn when it suits you.  With less physical time attending class more people have been able to make Systematic Kinesiology part of their future and help their family and friends.

The Vital Philosophy offered by KinesiologyZone

There are many ways of learning Kinesiology. Not all will give the student the correct emphasis. KinesiologyZone Course Leaders will constantly emphasise that we deal with each person as “A WHOLE BEING”.

Many give lip service to the ‘wholeness’ concept, but often lose sight of it when working with people. KinesiologyZone asks students to live and practice this philosophy since it is the power of Systematic Kinesiology.

Below is a video with Stephanie Mills explaining the holistic approach that Systematic Kinesiologists use when approaching any health issue.

Watch this sample training below:



Over the three months of the course, you will have “live time” as you get direct access to Principal Siobhan Guthrie on our monthly focus Masterclass and Q&A.  Each month, we will go more in depth into a Systematic Kinesiology topic or approach, as well as open up the call for some Q&A.  It means you can ask more questions about the content you are learning and support you where you need it, to keep you moving and build your confidence!  If you can’t join our live times you can catch the replays, shortly afterwards.



We also acknowledge that when you’ve got a question you want answers fast!  So with your Balanced Health course comes membership to our exclusive Facebook private group. This is where you can post your questions and get answers promptly, share successes, and experiences.  Every time someone asks a question, it gives the Course Leaders a chance to deepen your understanding, and everyone else learns too, so don’t be shy!


WEEKEND ONE – “Mastering the Muscle Test”

Weekend One is discovering the tool of muscle testing and by the end of the first day you will have already tested and experienced the power of Systematic Kinesiology.  Each day you’ll be learning how to reduce stress, identify food sensitivities, understand so much more about how the body work and be confident enough to go home and practice on your family and friends.  All our instructors do their utmost to ensure that you get the most out of the class so that you are confident in your new skills and to start helping others (and yourself) straight away.

Even before you get to the first live weekend you will be given access to some of the online learning, in the Kinesiology Video Library.  As soon as you book your place we will send you a link to the first preparatory material.  This will help you to gain a benefit even before the live weekend!  INSTANT ACCESS TODAY!


After the first weekend, you will already have loads of new skills and information to share with others.  Over the following 8 weeks or so, you’ll be able to access the training online at a time that suits you.  You’ll learn to help others with their Fears & Phobias, you’ll learn about surrogate testing (an amazing way to help young children and those in too much pain to be tested themselves), the Priority mode so that you know what to fix first, Pause Lock, the Law of the 5 Elements and LOTS of other techniques.  You will be amazed at how much you’ll be able to achieve as you progress.   It’s important that you are a member of the Facebook Balanced Health Group so that you can share your “wins” and get access to other resources.

The online course takes about 8 weeks, and each week you’ll receive an email to point you in the right direction to the next module.  Each module will cover specific parts of the course and will have techniques for you to practise on your family and friends.  It is expected that you would need to put aside on average two hours per week (to watch the content and practise), and then you’ll be ready to attend the second live weekend of Balanced Health.  There is a workbook to accompany the online course, and remember we will be checking in with you on our monthly Masterclass and Q&A.

Remember to join in one of the practice sessions your local Course Leader will be running during the online course.

WEEKEND TWO – “Empowerment through Systematic Kinesiology”

The 2nd live weekend is where it all comes together.  Your Course Leader, when not teaching, is a busy practitioner working with clients.  You will get lots of advice as to structuring your Kinesiology sessions.  And while you’ve been busy working with your family and friends, this 2nd weekend is a chance to work on yourself.  You’ll expand your understanding of what you’ve already learned, will have chances to both clarify and review material.  But more than that, you’re going to learn how to test and balance for your goals and feel very empowered as you experience and witness breakthroughs.  It’s also wonderful to meet up with everyone again and see how far everyone has come in just three months.

Many students share with us the profound difference a Kinesiology session has made to a client or friend and that is inspiring to us as instructors and to fellow students.


Stress reduction in learning – Learning Kinesiology is simple
Help for Mental Fatigue – Sharpens your wits, and alertness
Muscle Testing as a language – The amazing assessment tool
Muscle Testing of eight muscles – Learn to test a few muscles well
The “Whole Person” approach – Truly Holistic Health care
X-Crawl for co-ordination – Improve brain power and memory
Emotional Stress Release – Emotional turmoil evaporates
Lazy Eights & Writing – Improves creativity and writing
Dehydration Test – Pure water is vital to health
Water/Psoas/Backache – Water can help backache
Preview of food testing – Learn to find what is best for you
Meridian Energies – Tunes up your energies
Ears as ariels for hearing energy – Retain more of what you hear
Visual Inhibition – See better, easier and clearer
Reading Blocks – Resolve them and read better.

Level Two:

Pulse Synchronisation – Helps to remove compensations
Sartorius for Stress – Deal much better with stress
Responsible Muscle Testing – Accurate and reliable results
Eight new Muscle Tests – Build testing on a sure foundation
Surrogate Testing – Helps babies, those in pain, aged, etc…….

Neuro-vascular points – Enhance blood circulation circuits

Neuro-lymphatic points – Enhance lymph flow circuits
Meridian Wheel Flow – Restores meridian circuit balance
Food Sensitivity Testing – Find foods best eaten or avoided
Nutritional Testing – Find vitamin and mineral needs
Breast Congestion – Relieve breast lumps and pain
Phobias – Meridian points – Dispel most phobias in two minutes
Wheel Energy Balancing – The basic “Complete Balance”

Level Three:

Kinesiology for Prevention – How to use Kinesiology preventively
Six new Muscle Tests – Use muscles for specific problems
Switching – Unscrambles confused energies “
Self-Talk and Self-Esteem” – How to raise your self-esteem
Balanced Affirmations – Make affirmations work better
Pain Dispersal with E.S.R – Relieve pain naturally
Tissue Memory Scanning – Relieve old emotional “scars”
General Stress Syndrome – Healing power of Baroque music
Gait Energy Balancing – Walk with improved co-ordination
How long do “corrections” work? – Know when a “Balance” is needed


Holistic Balancing Overview – How to “Balance” in wholeness
Balancing workshops “in the mode” – Makes Balancing more effective
“Figure of Eight” energies – Balance part of the “aura” energies
Anything can correct anything” – Making the hologram work for us
Fix it in motion – Powerful additional balancing skill
Meridian “Flushing” – Revitalises meridian energy flow
Left/Right Brain integration – Enjoy being more alert and flexible
Diaphragmatic Breathing – Helps give you more energy
Relieving Muscle Cramps – Quick way to relieve cramp pain



To join Balanced Health we invite you to check the dates and venues of the live training weekends and then select the venue that suits you best.

Once you’ve booked your place you’ll gain access to some pre-course material – so you can start to learn Systematic Kinesiology straight away with INSTANT ACCESS to our Kinesiology Video Library.  What this means to you is you will gain a benefit even before the first live weekend! Go ahead and click the “dates and locations” image below.

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