One Day Workshop with Alison Astill-Smith of Metabolics

Alison Astill-Smith MetabolicsSunday 3rd September 2017

After a very successful two day workshop last year, Alison will be running a special one-day post-graduate CPD Workshop for KinesiologyZone graduates on 3rd September.  The topic will focus on discovering the possible causes of tiredness (encompassing hypo-thyroid, toxicity, dysfunctioning leaky gut, nutritional deficiencies, understanding typical symptom pictures, and adrenal problems).  Since there is often a lot of symptoms, you’ll be able to uncover and chase down which is the cause.

Alison will incorporate new information, as well as the toxicity side of things.  Join us for an exciting one day workshop with fabulous information, detail and plenty of workshopping.

Date: Sunday 3rd September        Venue: CityNorth Hotel, M1.      Time: 9.45am to 4.45pm

CPD: 14 points                                  Fee: €80 (including: course notes, test vials as required, tea/coffee breaks)



Saturday 2nd September is our Graduation Event.  7pm to 11pm

With a vision to create a bigger community in Ireland, and encouraging collaboration and friendship, this year I’d like to do something different for the annual graduation.  The final cranials “weekend” will be on Friday and Saturday 1-2 September, and we are hosting a post graduate training day on the Sunday.

I’d like to open up the graduation to be more of an annual dinner focussing on networking, celebration and even a “renewal of your Kinesiology vision”.  Celebrate your 1 year, 2 years, 3 years of being a Systematic Kinesiologist – maybe even your 14 years of being a Systematic Kinesiologist!!.  We’d love to have past graduates enjoy the festivities and welcome our new graduates to the Systematic Kinesiology Community.  Graduation followed by a 3-course dinner, tea/coffee, presentations, speakers, meet up with old colleagues, and networking with new graduates.

Everyone is invited, graduates of the Certificate year and full Diploma.  So if you’d like to attend the post grad day, then come along to the dinner on Saturday evening in the same venue.  With the post graduate day on the Sunday it’s the perfect combination to meet more like-minded Kinesiologists, connect in with the energy of our community, as well as refresh your commitment and of course learn more exciting material!

Date: Saturday 3rd September        Venue: CityNorth Hotel, M1.      Time: 7pm   €50 + workshop fee


Dinner only: Via PayPal send €50 to

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