Top 10 Lifestyle Mistakes Sabotaging Your Health

and the 5 really simple ways to take back control

    Niamh Roche

    I am passionate about good food and health and have worked a professional chef as well as a nutritional and dietary coach. I truly believe that we are meant to feel great, feel healthy and live long lives. I work with people who want to increase their energy levels, improve their health and relieve anxiety, so they feel less stressed, tired and drained, with a renewed love and understanding of how their body and mind works.

    I enjoy helping people make positive and effective changes to achieve a lifestyle that is right for them. I love to support people through life’s challenges helping them to feel more in control, confident, balanced and to feel alive inside.

    I have had great results using Systematic Kinesiology with clients who have suffered with digestive issues and emotional stresses eg. Break up/divorce, grief and so many more.
    Other successes include kids with anxiety and fear, especially of transitioning into new stages of life eg. starting secondary school, family break up.

    I love working with kids and feel passionate about their education and health, I feel they need our help and change needs to happen to set the way for future generations.
    My vision is to educate kids in how the body works, teach them about good foods, how foods effect the body and ways of expressing their feelings. Nourishing there little minds and bodies, with useful information in a fun and creative way. Educating parents and teachers, also with the tools that could help them.

    I am looking forward to running the KinesiologyZone Balanced Health Course in Enniscorthy.

    Favourite quote

    “Faith is taking the first step, even when you can’t see the whole staircase.” ~ Martin Luther King

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