Top 10 Lifestyle Mistakes Sabotaging Your Health

and the 5 really simple ways to take back control

    Rita Meehan

    Having always had a deep interest in complementary and holistic therapies, it was when Rita first felt the impact personally, she realised its full value. Working with a publishing company, she was involved in graphic design software, web design and general office and administration, alongside overseeing the bookkeeping and financial roles within the Company.

    At 27 I was told I had muscular scoliosis. I’d been to doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and got temporary relief but it never resolved. I was told about and visited a holistic clinic in Dublin. It was the first time I understood the link between my physical symptoms with my emotional wellbeing, which was the real crux of the problem. I came to realise that the episodes always followed on from an emotional trigger and so armed with the knowledge of what the real cause was meant I could now work on that and as a result I was able to be free of my back pain – through surgery and drug free, natural methods.

    I developed my interest further when I realised I could make an impact and help empower others. I was passionate about sharing how to be emotionally and physically well, to have healthy perceptions of themselves and to take responsibility for how their behaviour, habits and energy impacts on those around them.

    Today I am grateful for the five years of back pain, since it was a catalyst for personal growth and development, and for the understanding of what living in chronic pain is like for so many. Through Systematic Kinesiology, I want to help clients take a shortcut to enhancing their health, self-esteem and wellbeing.

    I now have my clinic in Boyle, and having completed the Course Leadership Development Programme with KinesiologyZone I am excited to be running the Balanced Health Course in Galway.

    Favourite quote:

    “My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here.” – Jim Henson

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