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    Rosaleen Storey

    “Seeing is Believing but Feeling is the God’s Honest Truth”

    This saying certainly applied to me when I first decided to explore what Systematic Kinesiology was all about. Being a Nurse by profession, quite honestly I thought it is far too simple to be true….however now as a qualified Systematic Kinesiologist and a Balanced Health Course Leader, I can truly say that it is simply a wonderful individualised, non-invasive integrated holistic therapy, certainly one of the best courses I have had the pleasure of studying with such great results for clients and such joy in your heart for the Practitioner.

    I could explain and talk to you about it so passionately, I could even demonstrate it to you but I would not be doing it a complete justice because you really, really, really have to experience it to appreciate it, it is how you feel during and after you have had a Systematic Kinesiology session that seals the deal that it is amazing.

    I knew for some time as I reached middle age I was drawn to a complementary therapy, particularly one that could help me help people gain peace of mind, but I remained undecided as to which one would fulfil that requirement. In my nursing career I have seen a lot of emotional turmoil in all its disguises but was very limited in my ability to help ease the burden it so evidently impacted on the human body and mind. Now thankfully through Systematic Kinesiology using an ingenious technique called Emotional Stress Release I have acquired a skill that is so powerful and so non-invasive. A client’s thoughts and emotions can remain private to them while I work with relevant points on their forehead and head, clients are so pleasantly surprised, relaxed and delighted particularly with how the feel following this technique.

    You just have to feel it to believe it……God’s Honest Truth!

    I am looking forward to running the KinesiologyZone Balanced Health Course in Gorey, Co Wexford.

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