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    Learn Systematic Kinesiology the Balanced Health Way

    Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapy.  Not only does it use an holistic approach, it has the ability to be tailored to each individual person you are working with.  If you wish to learn Systematic Kinesiology you are in the right place.  We’ve been running courses since 2000 and we have a selection of locations to find a course near you.

    Systematic Kinesiology is both an approach to health and a system of treating the body.  Whether you wish to learn more about how the body works, feel empowered when it comes to your health, understand how to reduce stress, test for food sensitivities, and so much more, this is the place to be!

    I thought when I started this course that Kinesiology would be a helpful “tool”.  I didn’t realise just how many issues could be helped and fixed.  The more videos I watch and read up on it just amazed me what it can be used for. Off to meet the girls this morning for a bit of practice.” Sheila

    Seeing the progress physically, mentally and emotionally in those I’ve worked with and myself included, the course has been life changing for me.” Clare

    Another brilliant weekend with Des, it made everything come together for me. It is one of the best courses I have ever done and feel privileged to have learned so much.” Anne

    Do you want to discover better health using a grounded, whole person approach that is practical, life changing and works, with like-minded people?

    Sickness, illness, chronic diseases can be reduced by teaching people simple and practical solutions for a healthier life.  The Balanced Health programme brings Systematic Kinesiology to a wider audience, both here in Ireland and further afield. 

    Balanced Health has been designed to give students, whether professional practitioners or lay people, a sound and practical approach to simple health principles that get results.  The Balanced Health Course is the foundational training in Systematic Kinesiology.  Part time our three month course is taught as a blend of in-person training and online, which means that even if you’re busy it’s possible, and perfect for people who are passionate about holistic health and wellness. 

    Balanced Health classes teach the ideal set of simple, safe, yet powerful ‘tools’ to enhance your health and well-being.  By helping yourself and others, the impact you can have is infinite.  These tools can be learned by anyone and everyone, young and old.  All can use effective ways to alleviate, or even resolve many problems and is true prevention

    This three month training course will offer you and your family hope, confidence and improved health!  You’ll be educating yourself with the skills necessary to know what’s right and what’s not for you, as well as having the knowledge to help balance the body and deal with stresses as they arise.  Ideal for those who wish to add Kinesiology techniques to their existing practice to be able to offer services such as food sensitivity testing, emotional stress relief, energy balancing for example.

    What will I be able to do with what I learn on Balanced Health?

    Simply put, you’ll know more about yourself than ever before, you’ll be amazed at what you learn and the power that simple techniques and simple changes can make.  Oh and you’ll be able to help others too.  Our fun and grounded teaching style is full of practical information, and many are surprised at how much you’re able to do even after the first weekend./span>

    • Taking responsibility for our own health is the future of the health revolution

    At KinesiologyZone our aim is to inspire you to take responsibility for your health so that you can live an energised, pain free, and happy life.  We are committed to helping people who seek a better life for themselves by first improving their health and then are inspired to help others, such as family, friends and their community.  And since being healthy takes personal effort and commitment any attempts you put into being healthy have to be sustainable. 

    We need to respect our body’s own ability to heal itself, giving it the time to do so, and the right environment.  Systematic Kinesiology focussing on the whole person and tailors individual treatment plans.  It’s what more and more people are looking for – personalised healthcare.

    By learning how the body works, understanding the signs our body gives us, what it needs for nourishment (nutritionally as well as emotionally), you too can find a better way to take back control of your own health.

    Who is this course best suited to?

    The ideal student for the Balanced Health Course will have a keen interest in holistic and natural methods for better health.  This course suits three different categories of student:

    • You want to learn more about the body for your own benefit

    Maybe you‘ve been impacted personally by Kinesiology sessions and received a lot of assistance from one of our practitioners.  You want to develop a deeper understanding of Kinesiology and share this amazing system of healthcare with family and friends.

    • For the complete beginner but may be interested in a career in natural health

    Our Balanced Health Course is a very strong foundation and is about learning the powerful basics of Kinesiology and building your confidence by helping others.  If you are starting with no previous experience it would be unfair to suggest that any short course equips you sufficiently to work professionally helping others.  However, by the end of the Balanced Health Course, you will have learned a huge amount about yourself, and some even say they are a different person.  What will know however, is whether the Diploma is the next step for you.

    • For the professionally trained practitioner and looking to add to your skills

    If you have already got some qualifications under your belt and are looking for a way to increase your impact, the Balanced Health Course is an excellent CPD course.  As a practitioner and already working in professional practice, you‘ll be able to increase your offering and expand your practice with the new skills you’ve learned.

    Siobhan Guthrie, the principal of KinesiologyZone, has been teaching Systematic Kinesiology since 2000. Our courses are among the most comprehensive Kinesiology courses available and are of the highest standard.

    Student Story after Level I:

    “After Level I, when we learned food sensitivity testing, I tested a friend’s husband who has suffered from very bad depression for a long time and was a big wheat eater (5 slices of toast for breakfast). He gave up the wheat and within a few weeks was a “new man”. Said it was like a miracle.” Dympna, Dublin Course

    “- plenty to learn and very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable … a fantastic learning experience. My health, happiness, and well-being have improved so much, even I’m amazed.” Emma Hanlon, Meath

    How much time do I need to commit to the course?

    Apart from the live training days, the online course is spread out over the next 8 weeks. One hour a week is required for study and watching the video content. We recommend that you practice each week for approximately 3-4 hours a week. So a good estimate is 5 hours a week, or one hour each evening. It all depends on how many practice sessions you can do, so it’s a variable. Previous students have told us that it can be maybe 2-3 hours on some weeks and a little higher on others. As you get more confident your sessions will also get quicker, but what we know is what you put into the practice, the more rewards you’ll get back.

    The Comprehensive Kinesiology Video Library

    This is where you can really benefit from our innovative approach.  You have access to each “module” of content for “levels II and III”.  But it’s more than that.  You get access to ALL the Foundation Course content (over 60+ videos) which means you can learn in your own way.  Want to press pause? Rewind and listen again.  This is the most flexible way of learning and means you can watch over and over till you perfect a muscle test, a technique or want to listen to the deeper principles of Systematic Kinesiology.  And of course, you’ve never left the comfort of your own home, so time-saving too.  It truly means you can learn when it suits you.  With less physical time attending class more people have been able to make Systematic Kinesiology part of their future and help their family and friends.

    The Vital Philosophy offered by KinesiologyZone

    There are many ways of learning Kinesiology. Not all will give the student the correct emphasis. KinesiologyZone Course Leaders will constantly emphasise that we deal with each person as “A WHOLE BEING”.

    Many give lip service to the ‘wholeness’ concept, but often lose sight of it when working with people. KinesiologyZone asks students to live and practice this philosophy since it is the power of Systematic Kinesiology.

    Below is a video with Stephanie Mills explaining the holistic approach that Systematic Kinesiologists use when approaching any health issue.

    Watch this sample training below:

    Monthly Lectures And Q&A Calls

    Over the three months of the course, you will have “live time” as you get direct access to Principal Siobhan Guthrie on our monthly focus Masterclass and Q&A. Each month, we will go more in depth into a Systematic Kinesiology topic or approach, as well as open up the call for some Q&A. It means you can ask more questions about the content you are learning and support you where you need it, to keep you moving and build your confidence! If you can’t join our live times you can catch the replays, shortly afterwards.

    Two Live Weekends And The Online Course

    Weekend One – “Mastering the Muscle Test”

    The first weekend is all about discovering the tool of muscle testing and by the end of the first day you will have already tested and experienced the power of Systematic Kinesiology. Each day you’ll be learning how to reduce stress, identify food sensitivities, understand so much more about how the body work and be confident enough to go home and practice on your family and friends. All our instructors do their utmost to ensure that you get the most out of the class so that you are confident in your new skills and to start helping others (and yourself) straight away.

    Even before you get to the first live weekend you will be given access to some of the online learning, in the Kinesiology Video Library.

    Amazing Support In Our Private Facebook Group

    We also acknowledge that when you’ve got a question you want answers fast! So with your Balanced Health course comes membership to our exclusive Facebook private Kinesiology group. This is where you can post your questions and get answers promptly, share successes, and experiences. Every time someone asks a question, it gives the Course Leaders a chance to deepen your understanding, and everyone else learns too, so don’t be shy!

    The Online Course

    After the first weekend, you will already have loads of new skills and information to share with others. Over the following 8 weeks or so, you’ll be able to access the training online at a time that suits you. You’ll learn to help others with their Fears & Phobias, you’ll learn about surrogate testing (an amazing way to help young children and those in too much pain to be tested themselves), the Priority mode so that you know what to fix first, Pause Lock, the Law of the 5 Elements and LOTS of other techniques. You will be amazed at how much you’ll be able to achieve as you progress. It’s important that you are a member of the Facebook Balanced Health Group so that you can share your “wins” and get access to other resources.

    The online course takes about 8 weeks, and each week you’ll receive an email to point you in the right direction to the next module. Each module will cover specific parts of the course and will have techniques for you to practise on your family and friends. It is expected that you would need to put aside on average two hours per week (to watch the content and practise), and then you’ll be ready to attend the second live weekend of Balanced Health. There is a workbook to accompany the online course, and remember we will be checking in with you on our monthly Masterclass and Q&A.

    Remember to join in one of the practice sessions your local Course Leader will be running during the online course.

    Weekend Two – “Empowerment through Systematic Kinesiology”

    The 2nd live weekend is where it all comes together. Your Course Leader when not teaching is a busy practitioner working with clients. You will get lots of advice as to structuring your Kinesiology sessions. And while you’ve been busy working with your family and friends, this 2nd weekend is a chance to work on yourself. You’ll expand your understanding of what you’ve already learned, will have chances to both clarify and review material. But more than that, you’re going to learn how to test and balance for your goals and feel very empowered as you experience and witness breakthroughs. It’s also wonderful to meet up with everyone again and see how far everyone has come in just three months.

    Many students share with us the profound difference a Kinesiology session has made to a client or friend and that is inspiring to us as instructors and to fellow students.

    Find a Balanced Health Course Near You

    To join the Balanced Health Course we invite you to check the dates and venues around Ireland.