Two Day Workshop  with Gene Early


Gene Early

You are invited to be a part of a very special two-day event, for natural healthcare practitioners.

2-3 July 2016


It is my pleasure to be bringing Gene to Ireland this summer. Working with Gene is a very special process indeed and if you watched his preview webinar last month you’ll have a gained an insight of what’s possible.  Yes, this work can be challenging.  Feeling stuck can be challenging too.  But like anything you work hard for, it is all the more rewarding when challenges are overcome.

We all have difficult seasons in life. And having a vision, a sense of direction, helps to unleash courage and drive to push through those seasons.  We start there, with vision. Vision is not about goals. Vision is what stirs your heart around why YOU are in the world.  Having an overarching vision for your life helps give you direction. Not only does that give you incredible clarity, it helps you make decisions about what is the next step.

Are you ready to be immersed in exploring your personal vision?

This Workshop will help you to discover who you are, what you are here to do, and help you move forward.   This is the ideal time, the perfect opportunity to explore with an expert your journey.

Who is this for:

Gene works primarily with individuals who are committed to personal growth and development for themselves. This Workshop is ideal for anyone who sees in themselves something more or who feels a tug to serve at a deeper level.  If you have that sense, then you know it’s not about learning more and more stuff.  That’s not what this workshop is about. Each individual will be on a very personal journey and this will be about you and realigning your work.  You already have incredibly valuable resources, experiences and talents to draw on.   This workshop will help you uncover what’s already inside you.

While it’s impossible to get very specific about what you’ll “get” from this workshop, Gene’s wish for you through this workshop is for it to be the catalyst to something bigger for yourself.



About Gene Early

Gene Early

Gene Early engages global thought leaders, senior organisational executives, government and community leaders, and grassroots leaders.  At the heart of his mission, he wants to create change at all levels of society.  He has incredible insight and draws out not only who you are, but what you are meant to be doing.  It is my pleasure to invite Gene to share his many gifts at this Workshop with you.

His gift of “getting to the core” of personal identity as it affects individuals and their organizations distinguishes his work. Those he works with consistently affirm how these core insights re-align their understanding and actions, enabling them to achieve high-performance outcomes they had not considered possible.


Gene is the best person I know at getting to the heart of what really matters.~ Lindsay Levin, Founder and Managing Partner, Leaders’ Quest



Gene Early is an internationally recognised leadership and organisational development advisor.

His specific expertise includes: Strategic Visioning, culture transformation, organisational development and change management.





Gene, you have provided me with some of the most insightful, specific feedback I have received in my professional career. I can’t believe how comprehensive and thoughtful it is. I sincerely appreciate the one-on-one time that I have with you. I realize as the company gets bigger – your time grows more precious. It is nice to have a safe place to run ideas by. I know that you will always be open and honest with me. After every meeting, I feel like I have grown.  ~ Marti Haskins, Director—Genomic Health



I have known and worked with Gene for almost 30 years. He could see me for who I could be and he held that space for me over time… and still does. His belief in me put me on a route to realizing the rewarding life and business that I have today. It was as if all the masquerades and masks that I had constructed over the years were invisible in his presence. I learned from Gene how to work with people, not just by giving them new behaviours and techniques but by tapping into the essence of who they are and their purpose in life. That was and still is profound for me.   ~ Sue Knight, International Master NLP Trainer, best-selling author of NLP at Work.


Our two-day workshop is in Westport, on 2-3 July 2016

Venue: Knockranny House Hotel, Westport

Start time: 9am Saturday 2nd July
Finish time: 4.30pm Sunday 3rd July

Accommodation – limited B&B accommodation at the venue.
Ask for an accommodation list for choices of self-catering apartments for sharing with others,
local Westport hotels and B&Bs nearby.

Your Investment: €299

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