• Week 4

Week 4

Hi there

Welcome to Week 4.  You are doing fantastic and I really hope you’re starting to see the scope of what Kinesiology can offer.  This week we are going to revisit the topic of food testing.  But before we do that, I want to share with you a technique that Stephanie Mills actually brought to Guys Hospital in the UK as a study. In your hand outs you should have a copy of the Breast Congestion study, and you’ll also receive a copy of the Breast Care Manual by Brian Butler.  In the meantime, watch the video where Stephanie Mills goes through this simple and effective way to reduce breast congestion and tenderness – a huge relief from worry and concern for many women (and men!).

Breast Congestion – Relieve breast lumps and pain

Music Into CV4

At the first weekend, you were given a pillow speaker.  Now you’re going to learn how to use it!  The music you play into the CV4 – an alarm point related to the Small Intestine – is important but it doesn’t matter if you don’t personally like it. It’s about the vibration of the music.  Tell us in the Facebook group how you got on.  Seriously good at helping reduce stress.

If you want to play this from your phone, click the link when you’re on your phone, and then save it to “home screen”, so it creates a button on your smart phone – you click it and it’ll download/play each time. [fyi, I use that feature to create shortcuts to webpages I need regularly].


Food Sensitivity Testing, Part II

At the first Live weekend, your instructor introduced you to food testing.  If you watch the first video it’ll act as a review and also highlight the TASK approach to this topic, so it’ll be useful to you.  This is the first level of food testing, where you start with a client, testing circuits.  If a food stays strong at this level, then you need to go deeper, to truly understand which foods a client should avoid.

To watch how to do that, I invite you now to watch the next set of videos:

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